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play for real

Compete for Cash prizes, Merchandise, and even the latest gear for your Home gaming rig, at our regular gaming competitions.

cash prizes

If you think you have what it takes, bring your e-s-ports team together under one roof with the best low latency tech and prove it !

Do you want to Run a Night ?

We welcome community organisers, Top players and teams. We will help setup an event around your chosen game and help pull together the prizes for regular nights.

Beat the l337

The best teams can take part in our beat the l33t events, where local players pit themselves against top pro gamers to raise their rankings.

Come and find us ! @Dice Saloon

Longley industrial estate 

New England Street



Directions from Brighton Station:

  • Exit through the rear of the station, go past the bike racks.

  • Turn right down the steps.

  • Take the first left, and follow the road for 300 yards or so looking out for a big Sign on the Right!

  • We are the red door with a 6 on it :)

Find a friendly staff member and start gaming !

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