Use your own Steam account

If you have your own steam account, you can play any of your games on our rigs. You simply log into the interface, then click through to your Steam login. If the games are pre-installed you are good to go.


PLay from our collection

We keep an up to date collection of licensed games pre-installed on our Games system. Once you have logged in with your account, you can play any of these games for free ! We try and respond to demand so if there’s a game you want to see, just let us know and we will add it if we can!







Hardcore esport Games

These are the titles with regular competitive play, dedicated fan bases on twitch and big money prizes available. offer own small prize fund, with these games featuring regularly in our competitive play events.

Massively Multiplayer online

The usual suspect are here, we regularly poll our systems to show which games are trending, this is where you will find the latest free to play titles along with a number of big releases that have managed to hit the mark.

Enthusiast and niche

Come in and play games that are rarely shown on platforms such as Twitch or YouTube! These games will keep you hooked an offer a wide variety of experiences that will suit the style of gamer that you are

Retro Games

For those of us who were there when it all started, offers the chance to come and play all the old favourite retro games from 90’s, 00’s and into the 21st centuries adolescence. All these games are played naively on our PC rigs, and some even have multiplayer support courtesy of an active community that keeps these releases compatible with current Hardware.

Come and find us ! @Dice Saloon

Longley industrial estate 

New England Street



Directions from Brighton Station:

  • Exit through the rear of the station, go past the bike racks.

  • Turn right down the steps.

  • Take the first left, and follow the road for 300 yards or so looking out for a big Sign on the Right!

  • We are the red door with a 6 on it :)

Find a friendly staff member and start gaming !

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