You don’t need to join up to come along and play, most days are open play, just turn up and pay to play !

But here’s why so many regulars join up….

Love this place, it’s going to be like our second home this year, and our third one ! Thanks guys we’re loving your work....

Play on the best equipment in the best company, learn from veteran gamers, fellow enthusiasts and move up the rankings in your favourite games. We believe everything is more fun with a a group of mates around you, with PCBANG.UK membership you get first refusal on all our events, and discounted hours on our top end PC's and in house consoles.



5 Hours PC game time

 5 Hours Console time 

£5.00/hour extra time

Priority Events invitations

Personal storage disk





10 hours PC game time

10 hours console time

£4.50/hour extra time

Priority event invitations

 Personal storage disk

Weekly Contender nights



20 hours PC game time

20 hours console time

£4.00/hour extra time

Priority event invitations

Personal storage disk

Weekly Elite nights

Elite competitions


Not Ready to commit ?

We run weekly events and monthly competitions, you get extra play time for a fixed ticket price and always find someone to play with.


Come and find us ! @Dice Saloon

Longley industrial estate 

New England Street



Directions from Brighton Station:

  • Exit through the rear of the station, go past the bike racks.

  • Turn right down the steps.

  • Take the first left, and follow the road for 300 yards or so looking out for a big Sign on the Right!

  • We are the red door with a 6 on it :)

Find a friendly staff member and start gaming !

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