You are only as good as your tools!

We all love PC gaming, each member of our team is an enthusiast gamer, obsessive about running the latest hardware and achieving the lowest pings and highest frame rates. It’s really easy to get obsessed with the Game Rigs, the CPU’s GFX and RAM, but we know you can’t overlook the most important elements you interact with physically, visually and aurally. After all you don’t use the CPU to frag your enemies, you use your mouse….We make sure the only thing between you and your opponents will be your wits and reflexes !


Razer Peripherals

We are proud to be sponsored by Razer. This means we get access to the best new peripherals, as soon as they come out. Razer mechanical keyboards are bombproof, bullet proof and ultra low latency. Paired up with their gaming mouse and amazing headphones you are getting the best gaming experience money can buy.


Our extra comfortable chairs are brought to you by Noble Chairs! One of a kind luxury gaming chair with a 100% vegan faux leather cover designed to help improve your gaming experience ten fold. These will definitely come in handy after a long few hours of grinding!

Noble Chairs.png

144HZ Monitor.jpg


Acer has hooked us up with a full set of 144hz monitors, designed to help give you the best gaming experience. With a monitor that provides 144hz, you will always have the advantage on the battlefield, allowing you to win more gun fights or dodge those skill shots with the high refresh rate we provide!

Inside a gaming Rig

all hardware undergoes rigorous testing to deliver the most reliable and consistent gaming experience.

At we have selected the exact hardware matches to deliver real-world advantage to competitors in our facility. We keep track of the latest hardware changes and we have a commitment to keeping our equipment up to date with the latest GFX hardware needed for competitive play. Check out the links below to see exactly which components are installed in our PC games rigs.

Cool new Gear we are following - coming soon to a near you…

Come and find us ! @Dice Saloon

Longley industrial estate 

New England Street



Directions from Brighton Station:

  • Exit through the rear of the station, go past the bike racks.

  • Turn right down the steps.

  • Take the first left, and follow the road for 300 yards or so looking out for a big Sign on the Right!

  • We are the red door with a 6 on it :)

Find a friendly staff member and start gaming !

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